Arc of Collaboration is a tool to assess the culture of collaboration in your organisation or your team. It consists of a series of questions covering different areas. Each person responds freely and anonymously and the answers provide a picture of different factors that influence the culture of your organisation.

As a result of this survey, you get some insights on areas where you are doing well and areas where you could improve.


Understanding, and ultimately fostering, a culture of collaboration is important for many reasons. We chose these three as our main motivations:



In the face of shared challenges and growing complexity, they way we work is changing exponentially. Collaboration is key to succeed in this new environment.


While humans are geared up to collaborate, this is a skill that can be practised and improved – just like any other skill.


While not strictly necessary, many organisations have told us that „a way of measuring“ progress would be very helpful for their transformation journey. Here is one.

The ways in which we communicate, co-create, and collaborate differ widely across organisations.

With the advent of networks and platforms, organisations and whole industries are moving away from competitive centralised models of working. Companies are adapting to collaborate at an ecosystemic level to develop innovative new solutions and business models. New employees are increasingly expected to be able to navigate and leverage the potential of their ecosystems. The Arc of Collaboration equips actors with the skills, tools and mindset to be able to operate in complexity and cooperate with a range of partners. Well, maybe not entirely in this Beta version, but we’ll get there.


The assessment consists of 60 questions divided into 10 areas. The questions are really simple as the main objective is to provoke a reflection. It takes roughly 30 minutes to complete the survey.

Who are we?

The Arc of Collaboration project started in 2018 as a partnership between the K8 Institut für strategische Ästhetik and Ouishare.

Alicia Trepat
Ouishare, Vienna

I’m passionate about experimenting with spaces that enable personal empowerment such as self-organised teams and communities.


Manel Heredero
Ouishare, London

I am fascinated by networked organisations, distributed leadership and innovative governance models. My focus is on collective intelligence and strategic learning


Julia Hartnik
K8, Saarbruecken

Thinking, designing and organising interaction, participation, co-creation – within teams, organisations, communities, societies – this is what drives and interests me


Soenke Sehle
K8, Saarbruecken

Media theorist. I write, teach, curate, with a focus on arts-and-technology research, and am both puzzled and fascinated by the dynamic cultures of collaboration.


Ana Manzanedo
Ouishare, Barcelona

I am experimenting with collaborative governance models enabled through technology, which I combine with consulting for organisations that work to achieve more self-managed team structures.


Why this Beta?

When we developed the assessment framework we facilitated a small number of live workshops to see how it works, but that’s hardly scalable. We have now transferred the questionnaire to a Typeform, so that it can be done autonomously – but we wonder if it works well as a stand-alone experience

Please note that the Beta test is made up of two parts. One initial and short part is to gather some basic generic data, and the second one is the questionnaire itself.

We kindly invite you to take the survey and note down things that could help us improve it. For instance:

  • Are the questions understandable as they are now?
  • Do you think they current sections make sense?
  • Do you feel we are missing something?
  • Is the data you receive afterwards useful? Is it too raw?